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Microsoft SharePoint

Connect with employees across the enterprise. Use SharePoint to engage with people, share ideas, and reinvent the way you work together. This course teaches the student how use lists, libraries, views and account information and notification settings all within the SharePoint Foundation  environment. In addition to that, the student will learn how to use team communication services via discussion boards, surveys and blog posts. Learn how to change the look and feel of the program and customize the site. In addition, the student will learn how to control the information that is being displayed, create workflows and add to site galleries. This course assumes you are familiar with personal computers and have experience using Windows 7.  


Microsoft SharePoint Course Curriculum

Module 1

  • Unit 01 – Getting Started
  • Unit 02 – Lists
  • Unit 03 - Libraries
  • Unit 04 – Team Communication
  • Unit 05 - Views
  • Unit 06 – Account Information and Notifications

Module 2

  • Unit 01 – Adding Components
  • Unit 02 – Changing the Look and Feel
  • Unit 03 – Customizing a Site
  • Unit 04 – Controlling Information Display
  • Unit 05 – Creating Workflows
  • Unit 06 – Adding to Site Gallerie

Whether you are a SharePoint user, administrator or developer, our program will get you to the skill level that your job role demands. From learning guidelines and best practices to designing, configuring and managing, our broad SharePoint program will help you gain the knowledge and expertise needed to optimize your business processes and design efficient workflows.


Program Components

  • Microsoft SharePoint Training Program
  • Expert Lectures and Demonstrations
  • Fully Loaded Courseware





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